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Do Breakfast Right With Our Famous Pancakes & Omelets

Britney's Cafe is part lunch stop and part breakfast diner, offering everything from wraps to waffles in one place. Whether it's morning, midday, or brunch time in between, we are here to prepare fresh food and drinks that will leave you satisfied every time you visit. Be sure to let your server know if anyone in your family has food allergies. We will happily accommodate you and offer many substitutions; however, please note they may cost a bit extra.

Classic Egg Breakfasts*

Aside from our egg-and-toast combos, all of our egg breakfasts are served with either home fries or hash browns and toast. Either of these sides can also be substituted with a fruit cup for an added $1.00. Egg substitute is also available for egg whites at just 70 cents. Ask for hot sauce or A1 to add your own flavor to our dishes, or add special toast options with your choice of bread, including:

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Breakfast Wrap with Hashbrowns

Britney's Breakfast Wraps*

Our breakfast wraps come in white, wheat, or spinach options, and are served with home fries or hash browns. Ask your server for hot sauce or A1, and you can even add cheeses for an extra 50 cents. Choose from American, Swiss, Cheddar, Mozzarella, and Feta. Please alert your server of any food allergies.

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Chicken and Waffles

Egg and Waffles

Whip Cream and Waffles

Britney's Omelets*
Our beloved omelets are served with toast and home fries or hash browns. These sides can be subbed with a mini fruit cup for an extra $1.00 (when in season), and both hot sauce and A1 is available for even more flavor options. You can also add Egg Beaters or egg whites for 70 cents, or add custom breads or cheeses from our selection:
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Classic, Flavored, & Specialty Pancakes

All of our pancakes come with butter and whipped cream unless otherwise requested. Be sure to let your server know about any food allergies! Of course, there are plenty other fixings and toppings that we offer to make your short stack truly your own. Extras available upon request include:

Chocolate Pancakes


Strawberry Banana Pancakes

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French Toast

French Toast Breakfasts*

Enjoy sweet, fluffy French toast with tons of toppings. All French toast dishes are topped with butter and/or whipped cream unless otherwise requested, but there is plenty more that you can add.

Children's Breakfasts

Give your little ones to a breakfast that's both hearty and healthy, or just treat them to whatever they want! Just let us know about any existing food allergies and we'll help you find the perfect dish. Gluten-free items are available in limited supply, and only cost $1.00 more for bread and $1.50 more for pancakes and waffles. You can also add bacon, ham, or sausage to any meal for $2.00 and custom breads for 35 cents:

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We would like to give to a special "Thank You" to our Dad! He made this venture possible for us. He taught us how to cook and put his heart and soul into everything he did. Our Dad, Britney's "Grampy," Gerald Porcaro is now our guardian angel. He lives on in our hearts and will always be missed. Thank you Dad!!